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The Newest Way To Provide Feminist Resistance

As part of its "10 Actions in 100 Days" activism campaign, the Women's March on Washington recently announced its "Hear Our Vote" initiative, which encourages women and men to register to vote, particularly in upcoming local elections. Along with announcing the initiative, the organization released a helpful guide to how you can make your vote heard and continue the Women's March mission. The inspiration behind the "Hear Our Vote" initiative consisted of recognizing the importance of voting at

"Marry Your Rapist" Laws Are Finally On Their Way Out In These High-Risk Areas

Historically, many countries have employed legal loopholes for rapists that allow them to avoid prosecution for rape if they agree to marry their rape victim. In many locales, these laws have been abolished. However, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa, or MENA, they have remained in place. Thankfully, marry-your-rapist laws are slowly being eradicated in the region due to a significant push from women's activist groups. Marry-your-rapist laws were reportedly designed to protect a

What Is Triple Talaq? India Is Dismantling The Sexist Divorce Law

On Tuesday, India's Supreme Court ruled the controversial Muslim practice of "instant divorce" unconstitutional in India, something which women's rights advocates and organizations have been fighting to achieve for years. With its new ban on "instant divorce," India now joins many other countries that had already banned the practice due to its detrimental impacts on women. The Muslim practice of instant divorce is known as "talaq-ul-bidat" or "triple talaq." Triple talaq allows a man to instant

Why The FCC's Net Neutrality Decision Is A Stealth Attack On Feminism

On Tuesday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced that it plans to roll back Obama-era net neutrality protections, meaning that Americans' equal access to all internet content could be eradicated in the near-future. While this decision could have negative implications for all Americans, the Trump administration's push to end net neutrality will particularly harm women, whose voices and representation stand to be further marginalized without net neutrality. Net neutrality allows

How Did #MeToo Get Started In China? Not Even Government Censorship Can Silence It

The #MeToo movement, in which women have bravely come forward to tell their stories of sexual abuse and harassment, has dominated conversation in the United States and much of Europe in recent months. The movement has been slower to catch on in China, though, where social and political movements are often suppressed. However, the tide is slowly beginning to turn, as some women in China are launching their own #MeToo movement, called #WoYeShi, and making history with their activism. As The Guard

Saudi Arabia's Ban On Female Drivers Is About To Get Lifted, But Activists Are Still Being Arrested

In what people are calling an alarming turn of events, activists are getting arrested right before Saudi Arabia's ban on female drivers is due to be lifted. Many of these activists had fought for women's right to drive in the country for many years — and are now facing detention by the government. While Saudi officials have not commented directly on the arrests, they're sparking concerns that they could be part of an effort to condemn dissent as the country approaches the overturn of its women's

Northern Irish Women's Abortion Access Will Change In A Huge Way Thanks To The Republic Of Ireland

Back in May of this year, Ireland voted to repeal its highly restrictive abortion ban, allowing many more women the ability to exercise their reproductive rights. However, while abortion did become legal in the Republic of Ireland following the referendum, the procedure remains illegal in Northern Ireland, which is a separate country. Nonetheless, Northern Irish Women's abortion access is still going to improve following the Republic's referendum, as the country has promised to allow women from

This UN Data On Violence Against Women Sends A Startling Message About Domestic Abuse

Sunday marked the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, a day designed to raise awareness of the alarming level of violence to which women and girls around the world are subjected every day. Indeed, new United Nations data on violence against women reveals that domestic abuse is the most common killer of women, with the majority of the world's female homicide victims being killed by someone they know. The aforementioned report was published on Sunday. It was written b

Savanna's Act Would Address Violence Against Native American Women — But One Lawmaker's Stalling It

Tragically, Native American women face alarming levels of violence. Indeed, indigenous women have an estimated murder rate that is 10 times the national average, the Indian Law Resource Center noted. A federal bill, Savanna's Act, would address violence against Native American women by improving the federal government's response to related crimes. However, one lawmaker, Republican Representative Bob Goodlatte of Virginia, is reportedly preventing this bill from moving forward, according to HuffP

These States Are Increasing Birth Control Access In Case Obamacare Is Repealed

Unfortunately, women's reproductive healthcare perpetually hangs in balance under the Trump administration. To account for the uncertainty around the contraceptive mandate of Obamacare, some states are taking action to ensure that birth control remains accessible and low-cost for American women, with or without Obamacare. The contraceptive mandate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires that insurance plans must cover contraception for women without cost-sharing, meaning that the insurance co

Crisis in Burundi: 112,000 Refugees Flee to Nearby Countries

Earlier this year, PAI reflected on how this year’s various elections in Africa could impact African women. The current crisis in Burundi is a prime example of how election-derived political instability can rapidly have far-reaching and devastating consequences for women (as well as the rest of the population). During periods of transition, women are especially vulnerable to diminished or eliminated access to reproductive health care, rights suppression, and gender-based violence, among other negative consequences.

How To Fight For The Equal Rights Amendment, Because 2017 Is Our Year

March 22 marks the 45th anniversary of the U.S. congressional passage of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), which guarantees American women equal rights under the law. However, while the amendment passed Congress, it has not yet been ratified by enough states to incorporate it into the Constitution. Thus, it is still important to fight for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment to ensure that it becomes part of the law of the land, once and for all. Once Congress passed the Equal Rights Amen

Iceland Could Be The First Country To Insist On Proof Of Equal Pay & America Should Follow Suit

On Tuesday, the government of Iceland officially introduced legislation that requires employers to prove that they are paying women and men equally for their work. If the proposed equal pay legislation passes through the Icelandic Parliament, as is expected, then Iceland will become the first country in the world to require certification from both public and private companies that they are paying their employees equally for equal work. The proposed legislation is part of Iceland's plan to elimi

The US Is Diluting UN Women's Rights Documents & Trying To Remove "Gender," Reports Say

This week, the United States is participating in the 63rd session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) at UN Headquarters in New York City. During the negotiations at this meeting, American officials are reportedly taking some pretty controversial stances. Notably, the U.S. is diluting women's rights documents at the UN, seeking to remove references to "gender" from the forum's outcome document, The Guardian reported. Moreover, the paper also noted that the United States reportedly may

The Campus Accountability & Safety Act Could Change How Colleges Address Sexual Assault

Two senators from opposite political parties recently united to take a stand against sexual assault on college campuses. The lawmakers re-introduced the Campus Accountability and Safety Act, a bill which could fundamentally change how colleges address sexual assault cases. The legislation seeks to prioritize students' protection above all else. Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York and Republican Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa re-introduced the Campus Accountability and Safety Act

Saudi Arabia Arrested 2 U.S. Citizens Supporting Women's Rights Activists In The Country

Saudi Arabia has reportedly renewed its crackdown on advocates and intellectuals, according to the Saudi human rights organization, ALQST. The organization announced on Friday that Saudi Arabia arrested two U.S. citizens supporting women's rights activists in the country, along with several other individuals. As Vox reported, the two dual Saudi Arabia-U.S. citizens arrested in the crackdown are Bader al-Ibrahim and Salah al-Haidar. The outlet indicated that Ibrahim is a writer and doctor and Ha

A White House Document Links Abortions & Domestic Violence To Weak Manufacturing Sectors — Is There Proof?

On Tuesday, the Washington Post reported that Peter Navarro, the director of the White House Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, recently distributed a controversial document outlining the supposed perils of a weakened manufacturing sector. Navarro's document alleged that increased abortions, domestic violence, drug use, and divorce all result from weak manufacturing sectors caused by increased free trade. However, the documents did not cite any sources to support these notions, leaving ma

Louisiana Introduced A "Heartbeat" Abortion Ban That's Sponsored By A Democrat

A controversial anti-abortion bill was recently introduced into Louisiana's state legislature by a somewhat surprising source. A Louisiana Democrat introduced a "heartbeat" abortion ban that would outlaw abortions once a fetal heartbeat can be detected. With the bill's introduction, Louisiana joins a host of states around the country that have sought to advance similar bans. The new bill is known as SB 184 and it "prohibits the abortion of an unborn human being with a detectable heartbeat." NOL

How To Help Women In Alabama After Lawmakers Passed The Nation's Strictest Abortion Ban

On Tuesday, Alabama's state Senate passed a bill that nearly completely bans abortions. If it becomes law, Alabama will have the country's most restrictive abortion legislation on the books. If you're wondering how to help women in Alabama as they face continued threats to their reproductive rights, the list below offers several ways that you can show your support for everyone affected by this bill — including women, non-binary individuals, and trans men, who all can become pregnant and potentia

Los Angeles Bars Travel To Alabama For County Employees Over The Abortion Ban

The most populous county in the United States is taking a serious step to show that it doesn't condone state efforts to restrict access to abortion. Los Angeles County has banned official travel to Alabama for one year following the recent passage of the state's abortion ban. Alabama's new abortion law, which has not yet gone into effect, bans all abortions in the state except in cases where a mother's life is at risk — and charges doctors with felonies if they perform the procedure for any othe
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