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Here's Why North Korea's Threats Are Probably As Empty As Ever

As the news media widely reported on Tuesday, North Korea threatened to attack the U.S. territory of Guam as a means of sending a warning signal to the United States. The reclusive country's threats toward Guam are certainly disconcerting and have al...

You Can Help Refugees & Immigrants Right Now

President Donald Trump's executive order banning refugees and immigrants from seven countries from entering the United States has thrown thousands of lives into chaos. Immigrants and refugees with visas are either being prevented from entering the country or are being detained when they arrive.

How To Fight Islamophobia After Finsbury Park

On Sunday evening, one person was killed and ten were left injured when a van drove into a group of worshippers outside of a London mosque. Police noted Monday that they are classifying the incident as "clearly" a terrorist attack targeting Muslims. ...

Donald Trump Consistently Promotes Anti-Globalization Policies -- A Dangerous Move Backwards

Throughout his campaign and during his tenure thus far as President-elect, Donald Trump has continually promoted anti-globalization policy preferences and stances. An anti-globalization stance, especially in our modern and interconnected world, is highly unprogressive and could cause serious instability for both the United States and world across a variety of sectors.

India Rules "Instant Divorce" Unconstitutional

On Tuesday, India's Supreme Court ruled the controversial Muslim practice of "instant divorce" unconstitutional in India, something which women's rights advocates and organizations have been fighting to achieve for years. With its new ban on "instant divorce," India now joins many other countries that had already banned the practice due to its detrimental impacts on women.

Rise in Maternal Mortality in the DRC Highlights the Changing Nature of Conflict

The Second Congo War in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) officially ended in 2003. Yet even more women are dying from complications of pregnancy and childbirth now than they were then. New survey results reveal maternal mortality in the DRC was higher during 2007-2014 than it was during 2003-2007, despite the country enduring war from ...

Iceland Could Insist On Proof Of Equal Pay

On Tuesday, the government of Iceland officially introduced legislation that requires employers to prove that they are paying women and men equally for their work. If the proposed equal pay legislation passes through the Icelandic Parliament, as is expected, then Iceland will become the first country in the world to require certification from both public and private companies that they are paying their employees equally for equal work.

Trump's State Department Request Raises Questions

On Thursday, The New York Times reported that the Trump transition team emailed a questionnaire to State Department employees reportedly requesting information on gender equality-related programming. Since the news was released, there has been much speculation as to why this particular information was supposedly requested.


Inherently intertwined: Gender-based violence and global violence

As the just-completed 16 Days Campaign demonstrated, gender-based violence against women and girls is regrettably highly pervasive around the world. A recent World Health Organization (WHO) study found that "35 per cent of women worldwide have experienced either physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or sexual violence by a non-partner at some point in their ...

What Will This Year's Elections Hold for African Women?

This year is one of great transition for many African countries. In 2015, there are at least 19 elections being held across Africa in which intensive political (and related economic and social) change may occur. This is big news, but so far the international media has missed an important part of the story.

Here's The Best Explanation For Why North Korea Fired A Missile Over Japan

Following the news that North Korea launched a missile that flew over Japan on Tuesday morning (local time), the possibility that North Korea could try and attack Japan in the future has become more realistic. While the missile launch is hopefully a ...

Norway's Jegertroppen Are Making History

A special forces military unit in Norway is receiving attention for a great reason: Norway's Jegertroppen, or "Hunter Troops," are making history as the first all-female special forces unit in the world. The unit was created in 2014 as an "experiment...

Why The U.S. & Pakistan Have Such A Fragile Alliance

On Monday, President Donald Trump gave a speech on U.S. military engagement in Afghanistan, in which he appeared to blame Pakistan for contributing to the spread of global terrorism and noted that the U.S. plans to expand its strategic partnerships w...

What Will It Take to End Gender-Based Violence in the "Rape Capital of the World"?

"The worst place in the world to be a woman." "The rape capital of the world." "A battleground for women's bodies." All of these phrases have been used over the years to describe the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), a country plagued for decades with conflict-derived violence against women.

Why Donald Trump Should Reassure NATO Of The United States' Commitment

Throughout Donald Trump's presidential campaign, he was particularly critical of the United States' membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), often deeming it too expensive and somewhat obsolete. While President Obama recently gave a speech assuring U.S. allies that Trump's commitment to NATO would remain strong, there is still much uncertainty about Trump's dedication to the historic transatlantic alliance.

A Closer Look: How the U.S. National Action Plan Addresses Gender-Based Violence in Conflict

The United States National Action Plan (NAP) on Women, Peace, and Security aims to make women equal partners in peace building and conflict prevention as well protect their rights during and after conflict. In light of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign and the upcoming third anniversary of the U.S.

Domestic Terrorists Are The Problem - Not Refugees

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump's administration released a draft of an Executive Order that, among other things, prohibits Syrian refugees from entering the United States as well as seeks to temporarily ban the United States from accepting more refugees from any country. While Trump's refugee ban is supposedly intended to reduce terrorism, it is completely misguided.

The U.S. & Australia Have a Refugee Deal

While the Trump administration has certainly made its stance on refugees known after the President issued an executive order banning all refugees from the country for at least 90 days, there actually exists an exception to this order. Indeed, Austral...

Crisis in Burundi: 112,000 Refugees Flee to Nearby Countries

Earlier this year, PAI reflected on how this year's various elections in Africa could impact African women. The current crisis in Burundi is a prime example of how election-derived political instability can rapidly have far-reaching and devastating consequences for women (as well as the rest of the population).